Boulder Engraving

A Boulder Engraving Makes A Great Address Marker

Large rocks or boulders are common throughout North East Ohio. Many people have them in their garden, driveway and yard. Boulders and rocks are an excellent addition to landscaping projects and add a unique and everlasting touch. If you have a stone that you would like custom engraved, please Contact Us Today!

After you’ve contacted Cleveland Stone Work we then come on location to take a look at your stone. Since each boulder is unique and requires different engraving techniques, we will recommend the best design to suit your needs. We allow unlimited revisions to make sure your boulder is absolutely perfect. If you already have a design or engraving idea, feel free to send it our way. We can customize any engraving. Whether you’re looking to add your family name and address to a stone or even the logo of your favorite sports team, Cleveland Stone Work has got you covered.

Boulevard Elementary School Boulder Engraving

Cleveland Stone Work: Boulevard Elementary School in Shaker Heights, Ohio

Boulevard Elementary School in Shaker Heights, Ohio contacted Cleveland Stone Work looking for a boulder engraving. They had a wonderful boulder sitting in the front of their school and wanted to commemorate their centennial year by having it engraved.

“It was a pleasure to meet both of you and to watch artists at work!  We have had many, many favorable comments on our centennial boulder already.” – Lizbeth Coyne, Administrative Assistant